brain cells

are something of which I appear to be greatly lacking, possibly due to the two flights I’ve partaked in, over the last week. A flying visit to New York, kindly paid for by my employers, and five fantastic days, ending in me feeling like utter hell (but still making it into work), was the order of the week.

Karaoke in a NY bar on the Thursday night – everyone in the world needs to go to – they’ve a great choice of songs, and I overcame my fears of singing in a crowd. I still sang badly, but I overcame the fear. I’m weird like that.

I didn’t overcome my fear of heights, but went up the Empire State Building, and it wasn’t wobbly – which I’m convinced the large tower in Sydney was. Shaun says not, I say I don’t believe him.

I did have a head wobble up there, but that could also be jetlag.

Scout Niblett played on the Friday night at the Knitting Factory, and was pretty damn good – I mean, she always is, and I like her best when she’s got a drummer, so it was with a loud cheer (probably not that loud, cause I had earplugs in) and much happiness, when she arrived on stage with just that. She’s back to aggressive guitar playing and just being fantastic – and finished off with an amazing version of ‘Wolfie’ – my favourite song from her last album. Ahhh.

Other than that, there was a party involved, lots of musicians (probably) around, me not being star struck, me just being drunk, me having fun, and me missing Shaun quite a lot actually. Oh and lots of shopping too. Got a lovely tongue brush. Does the trick too.

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