backache, headache

this is the first time in a long time, I’m sitting at this computer, in the correct position, posture wise, with the right distance between my computer and I.

I’ve been working on this at work too, because of late, I’ve got the worst back pains in the world, which tend to start somewhere between 4-5am when I’m asleep, waking me up nice and early, and then evolve into a headache from hell, akin to a migrane (if that’s what migranes feel like).

So I’ve taken action. A new chair at work. Proper posture by the computer too. None of this leaning forward to read what it says malarkey. Too much computer time has messed me up. Ha.

Trouble is, I keep putting my feet down flat on the floor right now, just to forget, and find them back resting on the chair wheels (they nearly did just then, as I typed it). It’s like, parts of my body shut off – so I’ve got my head telling my fingers what words to write, while my legs wriggle around, trying to get comfortable. Very strange.

It’s likely we shall be getting a visit from my parents, plus Poppy very soon – which I’m looking forward to a lot – it’ll be the last time I see them before we head off to Australia in December.

Today brings Tottenham vs Everton. There’s quite a few people I know going, which means I think I’ll enjoy myself – we’re row 6, right behind the goal. I’ll be taking my camera, what with it being Paul Robinson’s 26th birthday today. Bless.

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