back in York again

the drive up only took five and a quarter hours, with several stops up the M1, slightly longer than the last time, which only took five hours, but no stops. Funny how being stuck in motorway traffic feels like forever.

Mind, more times than most, I see my life flashing before me. The most annoying time yesterday being in the outside lane, overtaking, when someone raced right up behind me, didn’t flash his lights or anything, just set his outside indicator on, telling me to move over, because he wanted to roar past. All well and good, but I’m overtaking someone in the middle lane anyway. When I could, I moved over, and he went roaring past, complete with kids in the back and front of car, until he came across the next driver along, where he did the same.

Motorway driving is so boring. I find myself looking out for certain landmarks. The Sheffield Towers, the A64 turn, the old windmill near Tadcaster, just little things along the way to make me stay alert, and get the drive done. At some point I’m sure I see the same cars who’ve shared the journey with me that far, reappear, we overtake each other as we go faster and slower along sections of the motorway, until it’s time to leave. We probably all curse the same idiot drivers who do the same idiot things, and gasp as the idiot driver pulls in front of you, or the Royal Mail van which pulled out in front of me (good job we have good brakes).

All the motorway service stations are blurring into one as well. You can only tell them apart by the different locations of the toilets – everything else is the same. Even the people using the facilities look the same.


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