another suitcase in another hall…?

life has been enhanced with the purchase of an EyeTV box, which converts all my old videos into digital format. I’m still a novice, but I’m getting there. We’re both looking forward to the shelf space that will soon exist, once the old videos we don’t want any more (especially one track ones that I’ve not really played much), which will no doubt be filled with something else not long afterwards.

This weekend just gone, we went back to York, but by train. Lucky me, I got first class tickets too – so being people who like to try out the finer things in life, when we can, we headed to the First Class lounge at King’s Cross, where we sat for an hour, with the laptop making the most of the free internet connection on offer there. Sadly our train didn’t come with free internet, but we did get coffee and tea for free – although that’s not so practical at 10pm. Still, to celebrate, I ordered a mini bottle of wine, which came in at a staggering four pounds fifty. I don’t buy bottles of wine for that much in Sainsburys!

Yesterday was our return trip, sadly no First Class lounge in York, but we got a WiFi enabled train, which made up for that. So it was internet all the way home, emailing mum and Sarah, and getting as many free biscuits as the trolley men would give us. This is the life. It’s the first time we’ve travelled and got off a train, relaxed.

Next time we do the Eurostar, I’m definitely going for First Class. Even if it costs more than the holiday itself.

I took the video camera to York, though it took a day before I realised the setting “A” was an auto setting, with auto focus. Still… Young Matthew kept up his stupid incidents caught on camera, in true silly puppy fashion. Which can be found right here.

Bless. If you missed the last one (possible), my YouTube videos are all linked from my profile name.

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