and we move on…

so this is the last post that will be made here, from our old New Cross place. We’ve decided to move, moving somewhere nearer to work for both of us (the hour long commute was getting me down), which also means I can start to use the joys of public transport, to and from work, should I so choose.

So, I sit, surrounded by boxes, feeling very nervous. I hate moving house.

If you happen to be looking here, after seeing that Glastonbury photo I uploaded, well, it got a little silly. Everyone was linking to my photo on this webspace. It sent my bandwidth rocketing. Seeing as it isn’t unlimited, I changed the photo. I think on seeing it on a Hallam FM dj’s page (hello Hallam FM, don’t you have your own webspace?!) was possibly the point I took the old photo down…

hopefully it’s calmed down again, anyway….

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