Adopt a Band – February – Tilly and the Wall

I’ve set myself a task this year, discover one new band a month. I had to re-do the rules this month though, as my potential February band are proving difficult to find any information or music, so the adopt-a-band scheme switched to being adopt-a-band-or-include-them-if-you-don’t-own-their-records-and-have-just-seen-them-live. PHEW.

So anyway, February’s band are the very wonderful Tilly and the Wall.

I first came across them some time in 2004, when their album ‘Wild Like Children’ was offered as a free download over at – their US label. On the recommendation of Largeheartedboy, I did just that, and downloaded it. A few plays in the car on my iPod later, with car companions asking “WHO is this?” and I was hooked.

An investigation further, and I found out that they had a tapdancer as percussion! Given this may have put me off, initially, I’m glad I knew this later, however, it made the band and their music even more intriguing.

Fast forward to January 2006, and a casual look around the internet reveals they’ve a UK record deal at last – with Moshi Moshi – and blimey, they’re doing some live dates too!

Just this time last week, I finally got to see them for the first time – and oh, it was wonderful. They had so much happiness in them, and were a joy to watch. Everyone was grinning and happy, and getting into it, lucky me was even lucky enough to sneak to the front and take some photos of them in action. They wore lovely shoes.

They’ve a few more UK dates left before they head back to the US – try check them out, if you fancy an afternoon of fun and happy things, they may be just the thing.

I’d link to some music to try, but there’s nothing anywhere – unless you’re in the US, and you’ll probably still be able to download ‘Wild Like Children’ from Team Love. Go go go

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6 Responses to Adopt a Band – February – Tilly and the Wall

  1. Ciaran says:

    i got their single the other day, mainly ‘cos they are on moshi moshi and it is a good label…

    great stuff

  2. jo says:

    they’re lovely! I wish I’d seen them more, it made for a happy evening in a crappy venue…. bet they’ve gone home now 🙁

  3. ciaran says:

    the record is wonderful my soundtrack to a weekend of decorating

  4. jo says:

    there’s a new album due out soon too – although I can’t find much more info than that 🙁

  5. Lorne says:


    I’ve some pictures from Tilly London and SXSW dates at…

    The best pics are in the XFM Exposure section.

  6. ciaran says:

    the new record is on pre-order from the team love web site and you get a cheap 7 inch as well

    i hope i get some nice stickers i like stickers

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