a while back

I started “jo’s friday night project” which was me getting all excited one evening, at the tapes I’d forgotten I had, that I’d either bought or recorded myself, years ago, when I was seeing up to three or four bands a week. My taping only actually stopped around 1989, when The Darling Buds supported The Wonderstuff, and myself and my (ex) boyfriend accidentally dropped my tape recorder, making anything else I attempted to record after that date, pretty poor quality. Which is a great shame.. it isn’t all bad though – you can hear the songs, they’re just of weak quality. But that meant that bands like Lush, who I’d end up seeing so many times I’ve actually forgotten how many, would never be recorded by me.. but the balance to that is that the first time I saw My Bloody Valentine, either in 1987 or 1988, that I got a recording of it, which isn’t as bad as I thought…

Then real life got in the way. I started having a bit of a social life for a month or so. It’s kind of nice having a social life, but it’s left the project unattended, which is a shame. So this Thursday, I fully intend to get on the case, get a couple of shows uploaded, and get it all ready for Friday night (and I’m only doing it on Thursday, as I have the day off work, so it gives me time to work on things), and launch it again. I’d quite like not to have a social life for a while, and I’d quite like to share more of my old tapes with anyone who wants to listen to them. So I’ll work on that.

Tonight, we’ve got Sleater-Kinney at the ICA – a gig which sold out so quickly, but we got tickets in time. I’m tired though, the whole social life catching up on me – plus I don’t like the ICA as a venue – the floor is really hard, in a similar way that the floor at Olympia is – you can’t stand for a while, without the pain making its way down your back, until you have to sit down. I’m still going, mind. Later this week brings Cat Power, which I should be going to… then we’re into a week of more gigs next week, what with The House Of Love at the very odd Islington Academy, and The Arcade Fire at the much preferred by me Astoria… so it’s busy times again.

I’m trying to persuade Shaun to post something on here, about his project, which is starting to come along quite nicely. He’s shy though…

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