a week of musical stuff

I really should feel more enthusiastic writing this. I love music, I’ve always loved music, but other things are getting in the way, dragging me down a bit, so whereas I had so much enthusiasm about the bands I saw this week, right now I’m just “yeah, saw some bands, they were good” about it. However, onwards.

Monday brought the return of TV On The Radio to London, a gig I wasn’t expecting to get tickets for, as they were scarce. Lucky me, I got one, then one for Shaun too, so we positioned ourselves right down the front, earplugs in, and were blown away by how powerful the band were. The bass made my insides vibrate. The venue didn’t seem too full, and weirdly seemed to have people wanting to give away spare tickets – which seemed a bit weird. I do wonder why I end up knowing of so many people who buy more than just one or two tickets for gigs, knowing they’ve not found someone to use said tickets. Anyway… my photos came out quite well – I’ve already had three online reviews use some of the pics, which is quite nice. That’ll be my 15 minutes there…

Wednesday brought Juliana Hatfield’s first visit to the UK since around 1995 or something daft like that. It was just Juliana and a guitar, and almost every photo I got, she looks like Dido. Most odd. She was, quite obviously, nothing like Dido. Support came from Chris Colbourn and Hilken Mancini, and we got a Buffalo Tom song, which is always good to hear. Thinking about it, I’ve probably not seen Buffalo Tom since the Reading Festival 1993 or something daft like that. Still, both were good, Hilken and Chris photos are here and the Juliana ones are here.

No football for a good couple of weeks now either. Damn me for booking a holiday when the next Saturday home game happens. Bah.

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