a recap

the move was as successful as moving house can be. The good thing is the spare room is now the computer and music room… the bad thing, our fast internet connection is on hold, while we wait for someone else to cancel their connection, and nobody knows how long that will take… still, as of last night we’ve signed up with unmetered dialup calls for three months… lets hope it takes less time than that…

oh and we can’t fit our settee into the front room.

Musically, we’ve not been out to any gigs, although in the next couple of weeks, things should start to pick up again…

There’s not a lot else to report really, other than Living TV have done a million times better promoting series 2 of Kath and Kim, than the BBC ever could. Still, seen em all anyway…

Finally, my deepest sympathies and thoughts go out to everyone directly affected by what is known by non-tabloid people as “the incident” last week.

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  1. Craig says:

    Found this site looking for pics of “My Bloody Valentine” (The Band, not the Horror Movie…) New to blogs, but your life sounded interesting, moving and all. I’ve been through enough of that when I was in the military (Germany/Louisiana/Georgia (USA)/Bosnia and other various locales around the world). Now I am settled for the last seven years back in my home in beautiful Utah. I never want to have to move again! Good luck unpacking all of your boxes. How does the bombings in London affect you? I feel it is only a matter of time before bombings in public places (other than the magnitude of 911) in the US becomes commonplace. Your Tony Blair ROCKS! And we appreciate his steadfastness in the defence of your country and the world. Support Our/Your Troops! Hope to engage in some good conversations! Later-Craig

  2. jo says:

    thanks for the comments there!

    the bombings in London… well it’s always scary the day it happens, but then you just have to keep on going, cause if you stop and think about it all too much, you’re going to end up changing your entire life… I just figure the people who are affected, are unlucky – and one day myself or my husband could also be unlucky… you just have to try stay one step ahead of it all.. which is tricky really!

    It worries me more, the police presence underground, as does it mean the overground is less protected? Is that the next target? Who knows… that’s what scares me more..

    Tony Blair.. can’t say I like the man – I can’t put my finger on why.. I voted for him, but purely out of being utterly terrified of who else could go into power… after too long living under the Tories, I didn’t want to go back there…

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