a new season is almost here

it barely feels like the last one finished, I didn’t get a two month credit card break, and yet last season still feels so long ago, here I am spending even more money on games for the coming season… it never ends.

I’m liking our new place, apart from noisy neighbours (especially when they’re arguing gone midnight, several nights in a row). We’ve a walnut tree at the bottom of the garden, where occasionally one of the local squirrels climbs up, and chews away. You only realise he’s there when you realise it’s not next door doing gardening, and pieces of walnut are dropping down from the tree.

Race For Life has been postponed twice, due to the crazy weather over here, with York Racecourse being flooded – however, things are looking good for the August Bank Holiday. Mum and Sarah are visiting me in London the Thursday before, then we’re all driving back to York on the Saturday, then meeting up with my aunt and cousins on the Sunday for the big day. Incredibly, I’m way over £700 in sponsorship – possibly over £800 with the cash I’ve been given – amazing!

Gig-wise, it’s been quiet, or at Koko, a venue I’ve vowed not to go back to (apart from The House Of Love doing their ‘Don’t Look Back’ of the first album, annoyingly – for the venue I mean, not the band), so my what-was-weekly gigs are down to one or two a month. I can’t even remember the last one I went to, my brain only works on a week-to-week basis right now, and just needs a little rest.

Still, the balance of that is gardening, I have gloves now, so all the woodlice in the world wont stop me now. Add to that a nice cheap garden furniture set we managed to pick up at 75% off, and we’re looking quite civilised over here.

We’ve tickets for the Jesus and Mary Chain at Brixton next month, I’m looking forward to that. The first time I saw JAMC live was at Brixton Academy, I think it was 1989, and my first time at the venue. I don’t remember a lot about the gig itself, apart from thinking that it was enormous (this was probably after having somewhere like Leeds Poly as my ultimate large venue). To balance that I got tickets for The Young Knives at Dingwalls, but can’t remember for the life of me when it is, other than it’s this year.

Is it December yet? Oh, almost.

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