4AD is 25

and I’ve been collecting things from the gigs. It’s been quite fun. I used to be the kind of girl who stole drumsticks (sorry McCarthy drummer Gary), or the more kinder side of me, setlists. Suddenly I’m thrust back into this world of getting what the hell I can, when I can. Which I don’t actually mind doing, it has to be said. In fact, I’m really quite enjoying it.

If I can’t get a setlist, I’ll make do with a photo of it. So yes, quite a collection of things. The photos, some great, some not so great (damn you bands who use red lighting, damn you), but still, two days in, and I’m really buzzing and having fun.

TV On The Radio had to pull out of Thursdays gig, as Tunde’s dad died, and in their place stepped The Breeders, with a show that was basically the sort of thing which made me faint with happiness. Not a single song after 1995. Lots of ‘Pod’ songs. Josephine Wiggs! Carrie Bradley! If Jim MacPherson had walked onto the stage to drum, I fear I may have fainted properly. Jose took the drums though, so we’re all okay. Phew.

I’d write more about everything, except I have all these words in my head, which don’t ever come out onto the screen once I get here. I’d have made a rubbish music journalist, had I decided to take that career path.

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