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Just did this page. I might change the photo, or add more later. Not sure. I think it gets the point across.

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I treated myself

to two days holiday, and now I’m sat wondering what to start doing. I’ve just tidied up a few things I’ve been putting off for a while (like changing the top photo on this blog, silly little things like that), … Continue reading

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What have I started?

Photos After playing around for a bit, I decided to install a photo gallery programme, as it has a Slideshow feature with it – while it’s not the greatest ever, it’ll do. So now I’m in the process of writing … Continue reading

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what to say next

I’ve started to carry around a notebook with me, so when I think of something, and immediately forget what it was I’ve thought of, I can at least try and remember what I was trying to write down. It is … Continue reading

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