I've saved this section for links, and old articles and things I've found from the past.

The two demos, released prior to them signing to 4AD.
Original Pale Saints article in 'Shoot The Tulips' issue 1, which accompanied the flexi.

The Children Break flexi
The 'Are You Ready' compilation which featured 'Colours And Shapes'
the 'What Feet' flyer for the Bi Joopiter compilation
1989 Tour listing (with The Primitives, The Pastels and Lush (not on the same bill, mind))
1990 Tour Itinerary (with Lush)
1990 November dates
Japan 1991 Tour Itinerary
Various Passes
The 4AD promo cassette sent out with 'The Comforts Of Madness'
The "tea towels" given free with The Comforts Of Madness
Japanese 'The Comforts Of Madness'
Promotional 'In Ribbons' tea towel (kindly provided by Ian Masters)
US edition of 'In Ribbons' with extra track 'Blue Flower'
The promo CD for 'Slow Buildings'
The tour itinerary book for the Slow Buildings tour
Last ever gig ticket/flyer from Stefan

Press Articles (all scanned in by Beechwoods - thank you!)
Lime Lizard c. 1991
Melody Maker Not dated
NME 10 Feb 1990
NME (2 Parts) 21 Feb 1992
Record Mirror c. 1990
Unknown Wolverhampton Review c. 1990 (Not a good one!)

Around the time Ian was leaving the Pale Saints, he worked on some demos with Simon, formerly of Esmerelda's Kite - who signed to Sarah Records as 'Gentle Despite'. There were two demo tapes I have any record of - both featuring Ian.

Graeme and Chris both formed the band Lorimer - Chris sent me a demo, with stickers, picture here.

Links and fansites
Shawn Delaney's site
Interview with Meriel
Another interview
Eyesore's Pale Saints discography
Eyesore's Pale Saints Lyrics
buy Ian Masters' recordings here (I'm Sore, Pink Eye, Sore Pink Steal)
Pale Saints article

Pale Saints at MySpace
Pale Saints at LastFM

Where to look for the bandmembers now..

Ian Masters
Graeme Naysmith
Chris Cooper
Meriel Barham
Colleen Browne

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