This is - as comprehensive as possible - a discography of Pale Saints releases.

1988 'Some New Songs By' demo
1988 'Children Break' flexi, also featured The Savlons and The Surprising Adventures Of Kerry Fiddles


Are You Ready? compilation, featured 'Colours And Shapes'
On Windmill Records
1988 'What Feet' compilation featured 'Wasting My Time'
1989 Second demo 'Barging Into The Presence Of God'
22 May 1989 Diamonds And Porcupines compilation, featured 'She Rides The Waves' Released by Beat All The Tambourines/Pastell
1989 First 4AD EP, 'Barging Into The Presence Of God'


Debut album, 'The Comforts Of Madness'
1990 Beechwood Music compilation, released in 1990. Includes 'Sight Of You'


Japanese release containing 'Barging into The Presence Of God' and the 'Half-Life' EPs + the tracks 'Colours and Shapes' and 'A Deeper Sleep for Steven'
1990 'Half-Life, Remembered' single


1990 1990: Gigantic! 2 - A Deeper Sleep For Steven

October 1990

Free tape given away with Select Magazine, includes 'Insubstantial'
1990   1990: Music for the 90's: Vol 2 - Time Thief (edit)
1990   Peel Sessions compilation, features 'Time Thief'
1991 'Flesh Balloon' single
1991 Beechwood Music compilation, released in 1991 Includes 'Half-Life, Remembered'
1991 'Knowing Where It All Leeds' - compilation of Leeds-based bands, released December 1991. Features 'Two Sick Sisters' - Stolen Sounds - BLAG 4CD & LP
1992 '..and dog bones too' featuring 'Neverending Night'
1992 Lilliput compilation Throwing Back The Apple, Featherframe, A Thousand Stars Burst Open (Tintwhistle Brass Band version) (for more information, please check the Eyesore Database)
1992 'In Ribbons' album
  Tintwistle Brass Band 7"
1992 'Throwing Back The Apple' single
1992 Beechwood Music compilation, released in 1992. Features 'Throwing Back The Apple'
1992   Precious compilation - features 'Kinky Love'
1993 4AD celebrated their 13th Birthday, this CD includes the track 'One Blue Hill (demo)'
1994 Final album 'Slow Buildings'
1994 'Fine Friend' single
1994 'All Virgos Are Mad' compilation featuring 'Fine Friend'
1995 'No Balls' compilation
1995 Step Right Up: The Songs Of Tom Waits - Jersey Girl
1997 Joyride compilation, for a film which apparently went straight to video.. features 'A Thousand Stars Burst Open'
1997 Dr Martens 'Shoe Pie' compilation, features '1,000 Stars Burst Open'
2005 4AD 25th Anniversary compilation, features 'Sight Of You'
2006 'Like A Daydream - A Shoegazing Guide' - features 'You Tear The World In Two' on Castle Music/Sanctuary - CMFCD 1309
  'The Brit Box' features 'Sight Of You' - one of the odder ones, a compilation featuring bands that Rhino in the US deem 'shoegaze' and 'britpop' like, The Trash Can Sinatras, The La's, Felt, Five Thirty, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Birdland, These Animal Men... while those bands are a little confusing on a comp with that genre, there are some good songs on there too - click for the tracklist & press release at Rhino. Image stolen without permission from the Rhino site. Sorry.