There isn't a huge amount of information out there about the early demo tapes.. here's a bit.

'Some New Songs By'

Side One

Wasting My Time
Children Break
The Way The World Is

Side Two

Sea Of Sound

Notes - tapes were sent out to friends and fanzines, to spread the word about the Pale Saints. This led to their flexi coming out in the summer of 1988, featuring 'Children Break'. The track 'Wasting My Time' is possibly the only one featuring Graeme on backing vocals. This demo was recorded in May 1988, "at Raquel 8 Track" - which I think translates as Graeme's 4 track! I could be wrong.

'Barging Into The Presence Of God'

White Side

She Rides The Waves
Colours And Shapes

Black Side

Sight Of You
Listen To Your Heart

Notes - Recorded at Woodhouse, early December, 1988. All versions are 'Not Quite Ready Mixes' by Dick Sgurd who engineered. I'm unsure what black side and white side refers to, given my tape is plain black! It could be another Pale Saints joke...

Comforts Of Madness demo - more information to appear soon.  

Third Demo

Shirt Song
Word Flowers
On Your Own
Still Mother

Notes - While this was never a proper demo like the previous two, I'm still including it, as it is a pretty important part of Pale Saints history. It features tracks that were to be part of the 'Slow Buildings' album, and feature working titles. It comes in a plain cassette, with no artwork. I doubt many (if any) copies of this were ever distributed outside of friends and the record label.