My Best Ever Holiday

Salzburg from Festung HohensalzburgIn 2004 one of my childhood dreams came true; we went to Salzburg.

For many, Salzburg has a rich history of all things Mozart, including most of the Salzburgers, but for me all I wanted were things Von Trapp. My favourite film of all time is The Sound Of Music – I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen the film or the play, so having the opportunity to visit and see a lot of areas featured in the film wasn’t going to be something I’d pass on.

On arriving in Salzburg you’re surrounded by mountains – the magical Alps, a quick bus ride and we made it to our hotel. Salzburg is beautiful, a city which has small passageways with shops to discover, chocolates (Mozart, of course), gardens, and so much more.

Oh, and of course The Sound Of Music tours! Starting and ending in the Mirabell Gardens, the centrepiece for most of ‘Do-Re-Mi’ in the film, I was living out my inner Julie, running down vineyards and jumping up steps. Fortunately, my husband joined in! Unfortunately we didn’t get to Julie’s hill, and we didn’t get inside the Rock Riding School (where the music competition is held at the end), but we still got to see a lot of the sights. The coach tours take you right out of Salzburg to the two different houses used in the film (which are miles apart), as well as the gazebo used in ‘Sixteen Going On Seventeen’ – giving all potential Liesl’s and Rolf’s the chance to pose in front of it. As well as this you get right out to Salzburg’s Lake District – the beautiful St. Gilgen and Mondsee and TSOM Liesl and Rolf Gazebo

Salzburg itself has some lovely shops – as well as your more modern regulars – I had to take a photo of  the McDonalds sign, if only because it was *so* Salzburg. It’s somewhere that’s easy to walk on foot and get around – and getting out of the city is also very straightforward by bus.

McSalzburgWe took a bus to St. Leonhard, and from there a cable car up the largest mountain nearby, Untersberg. Unfortunately the day we went wasn’t the best… but the views going up were worth it.

Placed around Salzburg were cows – several of them, all painted differently. I’m not entirely sure what they were commemorating, but it was fun to spot them.

Unfortunately our holiday was only a few days, so we didn’t get to explore as much as we’d like – the good thing about Salzburg is you can do a lot of walking, but there’s still so much to do. The Festung Hohensalzburg has amazing views, St. Peter’s Monastery dates back to 696 – and is one of the oldest parts of the city.

With my rusty German language skills we got by – a lot of bars and restaurants had english menus, and quite a lot of people spoke English. Salzburg is definitely somewhere I hope to go back to one day.


This is my entry for the Tots 100/Al Fresco Holidays ‘Win Your 2012 Summer Holiday’ competition in conjunction with Thomson Al Fresco.

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