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2018. Great.

When you’re a parent all you do is babble about being a parent a lot. Which I do. I’m very proud of my daughter and every day she does a proper decent human being thing. So when she does that … Continue reading

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Still Here.

Today I received an email offering me an apprenticeship in setting up a blog. To the address on this site. Which was quite sweet of them and all that, targeting this poor little old blog which probably dates back to … Continue reading

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Beautiful Noise

So.. five of my photos from this site have made it on to the excellent documentary ‘Beautiful Noise’ – I bought it on DVD and we got around to watching it last night. It’s great, a good snapshot of the … Continue reading

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The Shame

2013, and I’ve barely updated in a year. Sorry blog. I have nothing to report that isn’t elsewhere, being a parent uses up a lot of time, and having ‘me’ time is a rare thing these days. Honest.

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no posts since February? Poor. Poor. Have a photo.

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This didn’t fit onto my other blog, but will do just fine here. A Story Of Five Mugs… Kate Takes 5 does listography every week, and this weeks theme was mugs. I have mugs, I have many many mugs; some … Continue reading

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My Best Ever Holiday

In 2004 one of my childhood dreams came true; we went to Salzburg. For many, Salzburg has a rich history of all things Mozart, including most of the Salzburgers, but for me all I wanted were things Von Trapp. My … Continue reading

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Yes Yes

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and so on. Ours was a nice quiet one, no travel to York, no travel to Australia – we stayed at home and did nothing. It was LOVELY. My back still hurts several months on, … Continue reading

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Lots to say, little time to say it.

so for now, I’m going to see if this works. Get the Swidget 1.0 widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)

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Back Troubles

I’ve had on-off back troubles which usually resolve themself after a day or two with a lot of rest – but over the last few weeks, particularly at work I’ve found my chair and work area to be so uncomfortable … Continue reading

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